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SpecSoft has a deep packaging knowledge and broad expertise which, coupled with a modest overhead, allows the development of custom machinery at a reasonable price. Although our standard products are all customized to each application, there is always a need for some automation for which machine designs do not exist. Listed below are some examples of our custom machinery designs. Others are found in the Product Transfers and Collators section.

A customer needed a machine to load logs of meat into a meat slicer. For ergonomic and safety reasons it was undesirable to do this task manually. A machine was designed to allow the operator to load the meat logs into it in an ergonomic fashion. The logs were then lifted into the slicer automatically.

Log Loaders

A customer needed a folder to fold the sides of a web of craft paper over during a constant motion web processing operation. Folders were designed and mounted on a servo controlled linear slide that gave the customer quick set up for various web widths and very high speeds.

Web Folders

Receives the output of a freezer of randomly oriented frozen dinners, orients them and transfers them into the infeed of a casepacker.

Product Orientors

A manufacturer of concrete pipe fittings required a machine to lift a load of concrete fittings off a pallet to allow a stretch wrapper to wrap the load and then place the wrapped load back on the pallet. A machine was designed and installed in a pit below the stretch wrapper to accomplish the task.

Load Lifter

We manufacture conveyors that fit into existing packaging equipment.

Specialty Conveyors