Fan Folding Tote Loader

Designed to compliment our pouch dispensers and cutoff knives, these machines provide a means of optimally filling a tote with a pouch bandoleer from your form, fill and seal machine.

This roll splicer eliminates the downtime associated with end of roll stops to untended roll fed machines, such as intermittent motion Bartelt pouch filling machines, vertical pouch filling machines, shrink wrappers, etc.

Intermittent Motion Roll Splicer

Product transfers link the automation of one machine or process to another. Collators are a special form of transfer that assemble groups of products before transferring them to the next process or machine.

Product Transfers and Collators

Automatic and semi-automatic tipping machines to tip pouches of sample product. Standard machines are sheet fed. Optional high speed machines are roll fed and pouch bandoleer fed.

Tipping/Placing Machines

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The pouch knife is equipped with a programmable cutoff that dispenses pouches into totes, cartooning conveyors, etc. It can be designed to run a number of products and can be easily integrated with other equipment.

Pouch Dispenser and Cutoff Knife

A robot provides a versatile, fast and smooth operating solution for a variety of applications. SpecSoft can provide robot integration to handle many different products and tasks for a variety of applications.

Robot Integration