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Ticket Printing Press         

Printing and ticket presses have blanchard ground steel side frames with precision ground rollers that are a necessity for quality print. To insure maximum print quality we offer roll to roll, roll to sheet, and roll to fold options on the ticket press. Perforating, punching, and slitting options are also available

Text Box: SpecSoft numbering stations are designed to print numbers on event tickets, raffle tickets, parking tickets, lottery tickets, checks, money orders, etc

Sequential Numbering Stations

We offer unwinds and rewinds for virtually any application.  Your requirements will dictate the exact machine configuration

Unwinds and Rewinds

Rotary perf, punch, and slitting units can be added to existing presses or can be incorporated into a new machine. To increase blade life and reduce downtime during blade changes, we offer quick change perf blade holders to fit rotary style perf units.

Perforating, Punching, and Slitting

These flexographic coaters are built to SpecSoft’s robust standards for high reliability under heavy production conditions. They are available in off-line and on-line versions for a variety of coating applications.

Flexographic Coaters