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At SpecSoft we design and manufacture rugged, reliable and robust machinery including sequential numbering systems, pouch dispensers, pouch knives, fan folding tote loaders and specialty machinery

SpecSoft can source or reverse engineer your worn out parts.  We have lathes, mills, grinders and welding to help in all your parts needs.

Replacement Parts

Printing Equipment is built utilizing thick side frames, precision ground rollers and state of the art industrial controls

Printing Equipment

Web guided machines are SpecSoft’s specialty.  Pouch dispensers, tote loaders, and splicers are among a variety of machines that are designed and manufactured at SpecSoft.

Packaging Equipment

Replacement Rotalock parts and REGULUS/ REGUflex tape can be ordered via email or phone or right from the website.


Custom machines are engineered to solve customer’s unique problems.  A variety of special designs and unique solutions can reduce costs for our customers.

Custom Machinery